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Imagine someone who captures your vision perfectly -
then elevates it to new heights


Imagine Someone Who Captures Your Vision Perfectly -
Then Elevates It To New Heights

I’m known for my distinct “nature luxe” designs, my boundless creativity, and my obsessive attention to detail.

Striving to reimagine floristry, I focus on the things that feel personal to me and my clients, finding inspiration in fine arts, the natural world and my travels around the world.

I’m currently working on a BFA in Painting and Drawing at Concordia University as a way to keep my creative spirit on its toes.

Self-Proclaimed Flower Nerd

Self-proclaimed flower nerd



How does the story start? I could tell you how my childhood spent in the country surrounded by nature is the reason I’m so passionate about flowers. Or how I’ve wanted to become a florist since the age when my classmates talked about becoming astronauts and firefighters. How I used to dress up as a flower for Halloween… You get the picture.

After a few detours, including studies in graphic design, I just naturally ended up working with flowers. From shop to shop, my interest in my craft grew, as did my desire to create something that was meaningful and representative of me. 

Since Forever...

Yes, that's a self-portrait with my hands overflowing with flowers

Since Forever...

Yes, that's a self-portrait with my hands overflowing with flowers

My Story

Bringing nature’s beauty inside, appreciating its grace, poetry, fleeting nature and imperfections is what we strive to do every day. We embrace color, movement and texture, creating arrangements that are layered and lush.

This translates into compositions that feel authentic and organic, and just a little bit wild. We like our bouquets to speak of a place, a moment in time… To achieve this we focus on local and seasonal flowers, and forage almost all of our greenery and foliage.

Our design philosophy is simple:
our inspiration comes from nature, from all of its intriguing possibilities

Our Design Philosophy Is Simple:
Our Inspiration Comes From Nature, From All Of Its Intriguing Possibilities

a natural approach

We bring to the table creativity, experience, and a real enthusiasm for making each couple’s wedding a unique experience. Originality and the desire for self-expression are central to the way we work, and we embrace each new event as a fun challenge - translating our clients personalities and desires into exceptional floral creations.

Flower choices are informed by the seasons, your colour palette, the vibe you want for your guests. Our comprehensive understanding of colour and texture in their most intricate nuances ensures we will create something truly show-stopping - no matter what your style or taste.

No two concepts are ever the same, and you can be sure your wedding will stand out and be one-of-a kind.

Your ideas are a springboard for our imagination

Your Ideas Are A Springboard For Our Imagination

artful florals

Nothing is more inspiring than the amazing materials we can find around us... The use of seasonal produce that we forage ourselves is a cornerstone of our design philosophy and a fundamental part of what makes our creations so unique and recognizable.

We won't think twice about driving hundreds of kilometers for perfectly semi-dried ferns, branches heavy with ripe berries or airy pillows of moss and lichen.

That being said, most of the treasures we use are foraged right here in Montreal on abandoned industrial lots or other unlikely places. Each week we hit the road in search of the buds, branches or vines that will serve as the foundation of our arrangements. 



We focus on local and seasonal products, choosing from a wide variety of blooms and greens that are not commonly used in traditional floral design.

The quality, freshness and originality of these flowers are an essential part of what makes an Atelier Carmel arrangement different. There's nothing quite as fun as surprising our clients with varieties or colors they've never seen before, offering them flowers that are grown in small quantities in a sustainable way.

We work closely with local growers who experiment and produce varieties that are mostly ignored by mass markets or too fragile to ship from overseas. 

Local & seasonal

Local & Seasonal

flowers that refelect your values

Rilla & Jordan

I loved that her flower arrangements were so colorful and somewhat wild-looking. I didn't want my wedding flowers to look like everyone else's and I knew she would be able to make the unique bouquets I was hoping for.

I loved that her flower arrangements were so colorful and somewhat wild-looking. I didn't want my wedding flowers to look like everyone else's and I knew she would be able to make the unique bouquets I was hoping for.

Born in 2008, the Atelier is where we transform your dreams and ideas into real-life florals. ​I'm surrounded by the most amazing team of passionate and dedicated florists but also talented artists, designers and makers of all kinds.

Each wedding season we are lucky enough to contribute to anywhere between 75 and 120 events, our experience rich in all types and sizes of celebrations.

Every member of the team has in common an unparalleled work ethic, a love for the crazy world of events and an emotional connection to nature. This ensures the cohesive and harmonious execution of all our events and weddings.

Where the magic happens

Where the magic happens

the studio

Beautiful pictures, insightful ideas, tips and tricks.
Our book explores and explains our design philosophy, methods and materials... Everything you need to know to start arranging flowers at home in our signature organic style. 

Published by Flammarion, our book earned praise from major media as well as a coveted "Coup de Coeur" from Renaud-Bray.

Take a peek into our universe...

Take a peek into our universe...

our book

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